Welcome Saemundur (Full Stack Engineer)

Hello everyone, newest member of team Spenoki here! 

I was born and raised in Reykjavík Iceland and now I’m very much looking forward to moving to Munich in the coming months and getting to meet my new coworkers in person. Currently, I am working remotely from home which honestly has been great for my carbon footprint. I will be working as a full-stack engineer to add more customer value to the Spenoki software. 

I get my daily exercise to balance an office job,  from Brazilian jiu jitsu and Karate. Nothing lets off steam like a friendly fight during your lunch break. In my freetime I also go hiking, mess around with my i3 config, go to local art galleries and play video games with my friends. 

After completing my BS degree in software engineering at Reykjavík University I wanted to work on something important. I believe that the increased environmental awareness we have seen in recent years is not without reason. Companies becoming sustainable is an inevitable evolution and I want to help us get there in whatever way I can. Therefore I’m thrilled to work for a SaaS-provider enabling other companies to become more sustainable.