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ESG Reporting & Management Software

compliant, easy & fast
Spenoki is the intuitive solution for ESG sustainability management. We create transparency and control in your company.

We simplify sustainability.

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Simple sustainability management for companies.

Automated, standards-compliant & scientific

With Spenoki we solve the sustainability bureaucracy. With just a few steps, we find all relevant ecological, social and economic key figures in the company for you, incl. CO2 footprint, and process your data using the recognized reporting standards.

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Transformation Sustainability.

Ecological, social & economical

Spenoki offers solutions for all areas of sustainability: Environment & Climate, Social Standards and Economic Responsibility. The strength of Spenoki is the consideration of the holistic transformation of sustainability in companies. Accompanying the change processes is one of Spenoki's core services.

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Software as a Service.

All-in-One, easy & effizient

Spenoki is a cloud-based application hosted in Germany and operated according to current data security and data protection requirements. Spenoki can be used directly, without integration into the existing IT infrastructure. Spenoki can map the structures of holdings and subsidiaries and integrate additional stakeholders.

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Simple. Automated. Secure.

No prior knowledge necessary

Spenoki emphasizes simplicity. Everyone should be able to use the software without an introduction and master sustainability management and report in a standard-compliant manner without building up new skills. 

Get started directly

Spenoki works completely without installation and can work interface-independent. You can start right away after the short consultation. We also offer you a detailed onboarding.

Secure data management

We only work with fully encrypted servers and strictly follow the DSGVO standard in handling sensitive employee data. Furthermore, our established partners are all certified so that you can enter your data with a clear conscience.

No manual effort

With a very early entry in the value chain and automated workflows, we take away everything that costs time & nerves.

All-in-One solution

With Spenoki, you have one place as an "operating system" for your sustainability to meet requirements from legislators, stakeholders and customers. 

Standard compliant

Free yourself from error-prone Excel lists and processes. Spenoki guarantees you a standard-compliant final report and guides you in regulatory compliance.

We meet these standards.

There are many different non-financial reporting standards, as well as criteria for reporting. With Spenoki, you meet the nationally & internationally recognized standards in the collection and calculation as well as the reporting of your sustainability metrics. We are guided by the following standards:

Our report formats.


German Sustainability Code

The German Sustainability Code is a cross-industry transparency standard for reporting corporate sustainability performance and can be used by companies and organizations of any size and legal form.


Global Reporting Intitiative

The Global Reporting Initiative is a provider of guidelines for the preparation of sustainability reports by large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, governments and non-governmental organizations.


Ecovadis query

EcoVadis provides companies with holistic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ratings through a global cloud-based SaaS platform.

Das sagen unsere Kunden.

Ina von Holly

Geschäftsführerin von WE DO communication GmbH GWA

„The time is now. Jetzt gilt es zu beginnen, unser Portfolio und unsere Prozesse umzustellen und neu auszurichten. Spenoki leistet dabei einen wertvollen Beitrag auf unserem Weg zur CO2-Neutralität.“

Julia Kriegel

Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement, VAST FORWARD

"Vast Forward ist eine 100% remote strukturierte Organisation — für erfolgreiches Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement und eine transparente Aufschlüsselung unserer Scope 1,2 & 3 Emissionen haben wir mit Spenoki einen für uns individuell und flexibel unterstützenden Parter gefunden!"

Rebecca Pelz

Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement, familie redlich

"Emissionsmessung mit wenig Aufwand – mit Spenoki wissen wir in kürzester Zeit, welche Emissionen wir verursachen. Das vereinfacht die Potenzialanalyse und ermöglicht einen laufenden Abgleich mit unseren Nachhaltigkeitszielen."

Zrinka Vrtarić

General Legal Counsel, Arena Hospitality Group

"Spenoki's expertise and close support enabled us to produce a complete and standard-compliant sustainability report for the entire Group in a very short time."

Matthias Reimann

Managing Director & Nachhaltigkeits-beauftragter, Schweickert

"Durch die All-In-One Software von Spenoki sparen wir enorm viel Zeit in der Erhebung und Auswertung der Nachhaltigkeitsdaten. Die professionelle Aufarbeitung der Daten erleichtert uns außerdem die Berichterstattung, sodass wir uns mehr unserer strategischen Ausrichtung widmen können."

Isabel Palacios

Sustainability Management, sono motors

“Das Tool von Spenoki hilft uns durch die einfache Rechnungsupload-Funktion bei der Datenerhebung und -analyse für unseren jährlichen Corporate Sustainability Report.”

Fabian Ulrich

Founder & CEO, Runes Beverage

"Mit Spenoki habe ich endlich die Möglichkeit, bei effizientestem Zeit- & Kostenaufwand, die Nachhaltigkeit meines Unternehmens zu analysieren, optimieren und am Ende meinen Kunden zu präsentieren."

It's official! Spenoki is now part of LIGANOVA GROUP